Our Mission and Vision

Donate to help us advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and make disciples of all nations.

Advancing the Kingdom

Your donations make it possible for us to spread the gospel and bring glory to God.

Transforming Lives

Your support helps us change lives with the power of the gospel and the Love of God.

Building Communities

By giving, you play a crucial role in establishing God’s kingdom in the earth through our church community.

Making Disciples

We are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission through your partnership and donations.

Learn About Giving…

Find out how you can contribute to our church’s mission.

Online Giving

Help support our church by making a donation using our secure online portal.

Mail-in Donations

Send a check or money order to our address and help further our mission.

In-Person Giving

Drop off your donation during our service or at our office and see your contribution in action.

Other Ways to Contribute

Explore other opportunities to give, such as volunteering or donating goods.

Ways your donations advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ

By giving, you are helping us spread the love of God and establish His kingdom on earth.

Supporting Local Communities

Your donations go towards outreach programs and services to help those in need in our community.

Global Missions

Through your giving, we are able to support missionaries and spread the gospel around the world.

Training and Discipleship

Your donations help fund programs that equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to grow in their faith.

Church Planting

We use your donations to support the planting of new churches in areas where the gospel is needed.

Prayer and Worship

With your donations, we are able to create spaces for prayer and worship to connect with God.

Join us in spreading the love and message of Jesus Christ!